High School Faculty and Staff

70% of SCL faculty hold master's level or doctorate degrees in education, and all are highly qualified in their fields of study. Students are challenged academically and consistently recognize that the faculty and staff care deeply about their personal and spiritual well being.

God has placed the spiritual, mental, physical, intellectual, and social growth of his children into the hands of parents. St. Croix Lutheran strives to assist parents with this responsibility.

SCL instructors want to collaborate with students and parents in an ongoing conversation about working together toward student achievement. Parents and self-advocating students are encouraged to communicate with teachers and coaches first when issues regarding grades or playing time arise.

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Dormitory Supervisor
Athletic Administrative Assistant
Instructor, Fine Arts Department Chair, Coach
Finance Assistant, SCRIP Coordinator
Instructor, Coach
Instructor, Social Studies Chair
Instructor, Dormitory Supervisor
Instructor, Band Director
Maintenance / Custodian
Maintenance / Custodian
International Advisor
Guidance Office Assistant, Records
Principal, Instructor
Instructor, Technology Integration Specialist
Instructor, Business and Life Skills Department Chair , Coach
Study Hall Supervisor, Attendance Clerk
Director of Buildings and Grounds
Instructor, Guidance Director, Counselor
Instructor, Coach
Activities Director Grades 6-12
Instructor, Coach
Instructor, Coach
MS Principal
Instructor, Learning Resource Center Coordinator
Technology Specialist
Campus Pastor, Instructor, Association Counselor
Instructor, International Admissions Counselor
Admissions Director, Coach
Communications Director
Instructor, Coach
Information Systems Specialist, Scheduler, Instructor
Instructor, Croixalier Director
Instructor, Coach
Instructor, Coach
Event Manager, Mission Advancement
Instructor, Coach
Instructor, PE/HE Department Chair, Coach
Academic Dean, Grades 6-12
President, Instructor, Coach
Instructor, Coach
Residence Chef, Food Service Director
Instructor, Science Department Chair, Coach
Dormitory Director, International Admissions Assistant
Instructor, Dormitory Supervisor
Instructor, Director of Ministry Recruitment
Instructor, Coach
MS Admin. Assistant , Mission Advancement Assistant, HS Receptionist
Instructor, Coach, Drama Director
Admissions Coordinator, International Registrar
Receptionist, Office Assistant
Office Manager, Executive Assistant
Maintenance / Custodian, Mechanic
Dean of Students, Instructor, Coach
Director of Mission Advancement, Head Boys Basketball Coach
Finance Manager
Business Manager
Admissions Assistant
" Sound Christian education, great sports and music programs. Small enough school that teachers get to know the students. Staff is fantastic! "
- Madeleine K., SCL Parent