General Library / Media Center Information

Library / Media Center Staff

Lori Budahn


Phone: (651) 455-1521 ext. 116

Library / Media Center Hours

Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.*

* Closing time is often extended.

Library / Media Center Location

The library is accessible from both second and third hallways. The Computer Lab entrance is located in second hallway and the Wireless Lab entrance is located in third hallway.

Library / Media Center Resources

The Library Media Center provides students and staff with a vast array of materials and resources including:

  • 6,500 + Items in our Reference, Fiction, and NonFiction Collection
  • 4 Local Newspapers
  • 40 + Magazines
  • Educational Databases
  • Adjoining 30 Unit Multimedia Desktop Computer Lab w/ Black and White Printer
  • Adjoining 30 Unit Multimedia Wireless Computer Lab w/ Black and White Printer
  • 13 General Use Desktop Computers w/ 1 Black and White Printer
  • 1 Color Printer (50 cents/page)
  • Photocopier (10 cents/page)
  • 2 Group Study Areas
  • Flash Drives (5 Day Library Checkout)

Library / Media Center Policies

Circulation Policies

  • Materials may be checked out by students with their student ID number.

Circulation Periods

  • Books (Fiction and Nonfiction): 3 Weeks
  • Vertical File Information: 1 Week
  • Magazines: Current Copy-Overnight, Archived Copies-1 Week
  • Flash Drives: 5 Days
  • Reference Books: Due back before the following school day begins

Circulation Fines

  • Overnight Items: ten cents per class hour 
  • Weekly Items: ten cents per day
  • Flash Drives: one dollar per day (replacement cost is $20.00)

Student Access

  • Students are welcome to use the Library Media Center before school, between classes and after school. Use during lunch periods is NOT permitted.
  • Study Hall students come to the library on a daily rotating basis. Students who wish to use the library during a class period are required to have a pass from their teacher for that period. 
  • Teachers may reserve the 3 computer areas and also the library for student academic use.

Overdue Policies

Negative balance and overdue notices are distributed to students once per month by way of their email accounts. Attempts are made to inform parents when a negative balance is over $10.00. Students with overdue or lost items may not check out additional materials until they returned or pay for such items. Students who owe the library money or materials of $5.00 or more at the end of first semester or have a negative balance at the end of the year, will have their report card and school transcripts held until their library account is in good standing.

Remote Logins and Passwords

Remote access information is available in a handout here or on the library counter in order to log onto our subscription databases. Login and password information was sent to all student Google email accounts with extension in September. If you are unable to locate remote information on Moodle or the handout link does not give you what you need, please talk to Mrs. Lori Budahn.

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