Mission: Middle School Favorites

With a month and a half of school behind us, students have had time to discover which classes they like or dislike, and where their passions my lead them. 

To give you a glimpse into the lives of middle school students, Ms. Flad’s Language Arts 3 class took on a secret mission to supplement their recent nonfiction narative lessons. Once their regular classwork was complete, Special Agent Flad sent the students a secret message via email.  The mission was to reply in complete sentences to Miss Streckert with their favorite class (lunch does not count), an activity or assignment they did recently in that class, and why they enjoyed it.  The mission must be sent in complete sentences.  The following responses from Special Agents in grades 7 and 8 are classified for use within the Agency (SCL) only.  Some agents even enjoyed getting into character.

“Dear Special Agent Miss Streckert, I need to inform you that my favorite class is NOT lunch, it is STEM... I also need to inform you that Art is really fun when you get to build things like kites... I regret to inform you that I have one problem though... I would like more STEM and Art in the agency…In secrecy, Special Agent Specht...”

“One of my favorite classes would have to be band.  I like band because we play fun songs every day.  It's also always a fun way to start my day.  I also like doing art.  Art is one of my favorite subjects because it's not just sitting a classroom for 45 minutes.  You can move around and get what you need, and Mr. Kock (the art teacher) will give you a project to do, and he lets you do what you want to make it yours.” -Agent Dolan

“My favorite class is Gym.  Gym is my favorite class because I get to play a ton of different sports with all my friends.  I like competing against my friends the most.  An activity that I recently did was speedball.  Speedball is a game where you run up and down the gym floor and try and get a teammate to either catch the ball out of bounds or throw/kick the ball in a soccer net guarded by a goalie.” -Agent Osskopp

“My favorite class at St. Croix is Language Arts 3.  I love to read and write.  My teacher really makes learning Language Arts fun.  I really like sitting at tables with my friends during the class while learning instead of sitting at desks.  Recently we were assigned to write a nonfiction narrative.  We were given the opportunity to write about a moment in our life that we considered to be a rite of passage.  We assessed the moment and added more details to the characters, the setting, and the dialogue, and then wrote about it.  It was a really fun challenge to use unique words and phrases.  Language Arts can be fun!” -Agent Farley

“My favorite class is STEM.  It is really fun.  We are working with gears right now, and I enjoy learning in this class.  Honestly, I would like if we did more hands-on things.  I have always enjoyed science, technology, engineering, and math.  Right now I am thinking about going to a college with a strong STEM class.  Art is also really fun.  Doing projects like building kites and other hands-on projects are fun.” -Agent Nelson

“My favorite class is Phys. Ed. I enjoy Phys. Ed. because we play lots of sports I enjoy such as soccer and fútbol.  My favorite activity so far was playing a game of soccer. -Agent Schulte

“My favorite class is Art because I think it is really fun to draw and do projects.  My favorite project was making a kite with Courtney.  It was so fun!” -Agent Mendez

“My favorite class so far in this school year is World Cultures And Geography.  It is my favorite class so far because we had an awesome assignment.  Our assignment was to design and create our own NFL team.  We got to design the stadium and pick where our team would be.  My partner and I chose to put our team in downtown Hawaii.  Our team was on Nevada Point along the coast of Pearl Harbor.  It was a very fun assignment.  It was fun to be able to work a partner and to be a part of the league officers.  It was also awesome to be able to vote for other people’s teams.  I really enjoy World Cultures.” -Agent Carpenter

“This year my favorite classes are Bible and Art. Recently, in Bible class, we have been discussing what the Bible is and what is in it.  We talk about the law and gospel and what it means to us.  In Art, we are working on making a kite, and then we get to see if it flies or not.  I really like that we get to do active art and not just paper and a pencil kind of art.” -Agent M. Rubio

“My favorite class is World Cultures and Geography.  A recent activity I enjoyed was the Middle East quiz.  I liked it because it was fun to learn about the new countries and explore new cultures.” -Agent Skrien

“My favorite class is either history or gym class. In art, we are painting a wood block and then we are using nails and wrapping string around it to show our name.” -Agent Lemke

“My favorite class is Spanish because I'm Mexican, and it's cool to learn the language my dad speaks.  It is nice to see the difference between the U.S. and Latin America.” -Agent C. Rubio

“My favorite class is Phy Ed, and I love to play soccer.  We recently played volleyball, and before that we played soccer!  I also love to just run outside when we have free time.” -Agent Kamin

“My favorite class is World Cultures because we get to learn interesting things about other places in the world and what their cultures are like.  We recently finished a project where my partner and I got to create our own football team and present it to our entire class and teacher.  I enjoyed that because we had to think creatively while we did it.” -Agent Metcalf

Jeffrey Dubose, Class of 2010, Full Academic/Athletic Scholarship, Gustavus Adolphus College
" Having a coach that believed in me and saw the great potential in me has given me motivation to strive to get better in all I do. "
- Jeffrey '10