School Library Gets Makeover

With changing technology and more online resources, and with the move of study hall from a classroom to the library, SCL has updated the space to better serve students' needs.

This summer, everyone’s favorite study hall supervisor, Mrs. Betty Hochmuth, gave the library a much needed makeover. She painted some of the walls a fun greenish-teal color and put up other decorations to make the space more teen friendly. 


She also added a few new chairs and couches for students to gather at and curl up with a good book. Study hall has transitioned out of the classroom of desks in straight rows to the library where students can spread out at tables.

While students now use internet resources for much of their homework and projects, the physical library books still need to be maintained. In addition to weeding out old books that have not been used, Miss Lisa Streckert, middle school administrative assistant, is adding new books to the shelves. This fall she went through many donated books kept in boxes in the back library storage room. “The room kind of looked like an episode of Hoarders, but now you can finally see the floor, and the rest of the boxes are stacked nicely until I get to them, ” Miss Streckert said.  Over two hundred books have been added to the shelves so far this year including fiction, history, memoirs, literature studies, and Christian living. with their personal laptops. But it’s still a quiet zone!

Another exciting addition this year is the Little Middle School Library.  Since middle school students don’t have study hall in the library, they rarely have the opportunity to go look for books during the school day. Now, the books come to them! Miss Streckert filled a rolling cart with middle school age-appropriate books and keeps them in the Blue Room where students have easy access throughout the day. New books are being added all the time!

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