Our Middle School Campus

St. Croix Lutheran School CampusSt. Croix Lutheran Middle School shares a 30-acre campus with St. Croix Lutheran High School in West St. Paul, Minnesota, just minutes from downtown, making it easily accessible for communities around the Twin Cities. Our campus features:

  • A full array of athletic facilities —soccer fields, a football field, basketball court, baseball field, tennis courts, and a running track.
  • A chapel to provide opportunities for reflection and spiritual growth.
  • On-campus housing for our high school students and a host family program for boarding middle school students.
  • Interactive white boards and Chromebook laptops to embrace the technologies of today in a safe, interactive classroom environment.
" The St. Croix Lutheran middle school teachers are very insightful and possess the right tools to engage the students in the learning process. My daughter loves the learning atmosphere! "
- SCL Parent