Middle School Technology

Two St. Croix Lutheran Middle School students using their laptops during classThe distinct combination of technology and thoughtful, caring teachers has revolutionized the classroom experience. Web-based tools such as handheld clickers, laptops and mini-quizzes have created interactive classrooms that allow teachers an up-to-the minute glimpse at students’ understanding of the material, all while holding the attention of the curious middle school mind.

St. Croix’s campus is 100% WiFi accessible, and each Middle School student is assigned a Chromebook loaded with Google Apps for use during the school year.

Our chapel is equipped with a triple-screen video projection system which allows us to incorporate technology in our worship services and stream live Internet events.

" The St. Croix Lutheran middle school teachers are very insightful and possess the right tools to engage the students in the learning process. My daughter loves the learning atmosphere! "
- SCL Parent