Middle School Financial Aid & Scholarships

St. Croix Lutheran Middle School students having fun in class

Applying for Aid

STEP ONE: Apply Online and submit the $25 application fee

STEP TWO: Complete the TADS Financial Aid Application online. (A non-refundable application fee payable to TADS must be sent with your application.)

St. Croix Lutheran Middle School is an excellent educational value. Our tuition is lower than most private schools, and the education students receive is exceptional. With a variety of financial aid and scholarship opportunities, we can help you make a St. Croix Lutheran education affordable. Last year, St. Croix Lutheran provided over $900,000 in financial aid to nearly one-third of our students.

Families may apply for financial aid directly through TADS, and assistance will be determined based on need. Please contact the school office to receive applicant information after enrollment. TADS collects an application fee from each family applying for financial aid.



St. Croix Lutheran - Grades 6-12
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